The birth of Rosa Mae – 10th October 2014

Liz helping in labourAfter a very disappointing and disempowering hospital birth for my son, I knew I wanted to do something – everything – differently second time around. I felt better informed and more confident in myself and my body, and I knew that with the right care, I could birth the way I wanted to, the way I was meant to. My husband was a little doubtful about a home birth to begin with, and reluctant to opt out of NHS midwifery services, but after our first meeting with Liz and Meg from the Oxford Midwifery Practice he was converted. We engaged Liz and Meg as our midwives when I was 18 weeks pregnant, and from then on, until about 7 weeks after Rosa’s birth, we were looked after with unmatched care, compassion and patience. I felt incredibly nurtured and in very safe hands through what turned out to be a pretty anxious pregnancy with a serious risk of preterm labour. Nothing ever seemed too much trouble and anytime I needed reassurance, advice, comfort, or permission to eat chocolate, Liz and Meg were there – on the phone, in my home, at hospital appointments, any time of day or night. They were also wonderful with our toddler son Noah who was included in all the antenatal appointments, which allowed him to begin to develop his relationship with the baby and a sense of responsibility for her, which has really flourished since her birth. Although NewbornRosa’s birth itself was wonderfully instinctive and straightforward, we really struggled with breastfeeding due to a large posterior tongue-tie, and Meg and Liz saw us through several very emotional and painful weeks with unwavering support and dedication. Their wisdom, experience, friendship, humour and kindness were a gift and I cannot ever thank them enough for what their care enabled me and my family to experience: a humbling, miraculous, life-changing home birth. We would recommend OMP unreservedly and in the highest terms to any expectant parents. In fact, we already have, lots of times. My only sadness is that a third baby isn’t on the cards as I’d love to do it all again tomorrow!