Testimonial for Liz the fabulous midwife!

I entered my first pregnancy in denial with my eyes closed. Unfortunately this all resulted in tears. I relied upon the NHS to have my best interests at heart.  What actually happened resulted in an (unnecessary) induction followed by a pointless painful labour and eventual emergency C-section.  This left me with terrible physiological scars that I struggled with throughout the majority of my second pregnancy.

I made a decision with my next baby to instruct a private midwife to ensure I had an advocate and hopefully more control of the birthing decisions being made.

Liz became my midwife. She provided essential antenatal practical support, helping me through the traumas from my previous birth.  Liz gave me some reading material to help me understand more fully about the process of labour and birth.  This helped me to make the decisions about how and where to have my baby.

Using hypno-birthing techniques, relaxing at home during labour I managed to have my baby in a very short time with my family around supporting me at home.  Liz and my second midwife Meg did an amazing, professional job, they were able to take the necessary actions to keep me and my baby safe. It was a magical, beautiful, empowering and healing experience.

The postnatal home visits were frequent and very welcome and reassuring. It helped us avoid unnecessary hospital/emergency visits to GP with things you worry about as a new mum/dad.

I would recommend Liz and her colleagues to anyone considering independent midwifery care. The care and support is outstanding and if you want a truly memorable experience independent midwife care is worth every penny!