Apprehensive Father

“I am writing as a father who was a little apprehensive with regards to home birthing, but with the help of Liz, Meg and her team plus my insistent partner my fears were washed away with not only the professional experience of Liz and Meg but also their shared life experiences making a special day even more special. This would not have been possible without the care and attention from the afore mentioned people. The time of the birth will stay with me a most memorable experience. I was never ushered in or out of the room (something I find very tedious with hospital births), also as per instructions from Liz and Meg (ha ha!) I was told to be myself and I was allowed to be myself. I am hoping Juliana (my partner) feels the same. I think she does as even after the birth everything seems to be the way it should be – natural. So I the father will always suggest to any of my friends that enquire about home birthing for their babies.”