A father’s views

When my wife first floated the idea of a home birth I panicked.  My vision of birth was one that took place at a hospital with teams of medical professionals at the ready to intervene at the slightest hint of danger. Home birth seemed kind of new agey and with something as critical as the health of my child and spouse I didn’t want to take any chances.

Meg and Liz heard and understand my concerns. They did not try to convince me to have a home birth and were willing to go with us to the hospital. It was their genuine enthusiasm, empathy and knowledge that somehow opened my mind to a different approach. I can not over-recommend this duo.

What I got was so much more than safety. Hospitals are great if your life is in danger (and I now understand birth to be painful but not usually dangerous). But they are not well suited for joy and celebration.

Our daughter, our first child, was born in a hospital and my wife and I paid extra to have a room where I could stay overnight  — in a separate tiny cot. Instead of revelling in my new status as a father, I was focused on trying to figure out how to get my wife something decent to eat after all her hard work.

We had our second child at home. During the birth, my wife seemed in pain, yes, but also at ease, as if she felt safe no matter the discomfort and effort required. And following the birth! Wow. One of the best few days of my life. A time of joyous snuggling in our own bed, eating home cooked meals and excited bonding as a family.

When baby three came along it was a no brainer: Stay home!