As well as Ante and Post Natal Care, we offer many other services. If you wish to find out more, please contact us.

Active Birth Workshops and Birth Preparation

Where 6 to 8 couples/women wish to work together , we can offer an active birth workshop on an ad hoc basis. Alternatively we offer one to one birth preparation sessions for individual couples in the comfort of your own home.

Aquanatal Classes

Safe, fun and social gentle exercise to get you ready for birth. These classes are particularly beneficial if you have backache, pelvic pain, feel very heavy or are planning to work late into your pregnancy. The sessions consist of an hour’s exercise in the water followed by informal discussions about  birth related topics with a midwife over a drink.


A fun if slightly messy to make keepsake of your bump, which you can decorate at your leisure. Siblings love helping with this!


We help women and their partners begin a journey to healing following a negative birth experience or to overcome long held fears and aversions by using art, giving time to listen and express whatever emotions are needed; and then facilitate them to discover what will best enable them to move forward. We can also signpost to other services as necessary.

Antenatal Massage

Tired? Stressed? Over due? or just in need of some TLC? We can offer some therapeutic touch using aromatherapy oils in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you.

OMP midwives read Mama Midwife at a Blessingway

OMP midwives read Mama Midwife at a Blessingway

Postnatal Rebozo and Bone Closing Ceremony

During this postnatal ceremony we nuture the new mother and honour the work and opening that her body(and spirit) has done during birth. The mother is given a warming aromatherapy massage followed by firmly wrapping a rebozo around various points of her body from head to toe and back to head. The whole process takes about 1.5 -2 hours. The result enables her energy to be restored and her bones to close. It is usually offered 6 weeks following birth.


This is an antenatal ceremony that supports and nutures a woman spiritually in preparation for her journey to motherhood by the presence of her friends, in whatever ways make sense for that mother to be. We are able to help people by providing books and ideas that they may wish to include in their Blessingway. We can also put you in touch with women who have experience in preparing Blessingways.