Testimonial for Liz the fabulous midwife!

I entered my first pregnancy in denial with my eyes closed. Unfortunately this all resulted in tears. I relied upon the NHS to have my best interests at heart.  What actually happened resulted in an (unnecessary) induction followed by a pointless painful labour and eventual emergency C-section.  This left me with terrible physiological scars that […]

Apprehensive Father

“I am writing as a father who was a little apprehensive with regards to home birthing, but with the help of Liz, Meg and her team plus my insistent partner my fears were washed away with not only the professional experience of Liz and Meg but also their shared life experiences making a special day […]

A father’s views

When my wife first floated the idea of a home birth I panicked.  My vision of birth was one that took place at a hospital with teams of medical professionals at the ready to intervene at the slightest hint of danger. Home birth seemed kind of new agey and with something as critical as the […]

The birth of Rosa Mae – 10th October 2014

Liz helping in labour

After a very disappointing and disempowering hospital birth for my son, I knew I wanted to do something – everything – differently second time around. I felt better informed and more confident in myself and my body, and I knew that with the right care, I could birth the way I wanted to, the way […]

Belinda and Tony again

Belinda in the Birth Pool

Christopher’s birth story. I’ve always believed a mother knows how many children are right for her and I’ve always felt I am a mother of four. They just hadn’t all been born till Christopher came along. So when I fell pregnant with Christopher I was excited not only for the sake of the pregnancy but […]

Emily and Matt

The story of my third son’s birth begins with the stories of my other boys’ births. Oscar was born on the Delivery Suite at the hospital in Oxford in October 2008. Felix was born at home in April 2011. Both births were straightforward and, once labour was established, they progressed pretty quickly. I would go […]

Sarah and Stuart

“I wanted to thank you so much for all your love, caring and support during Erin’s birth. You gave us everything that we needed and so much more besides – especially sensitive words of encouragement at the right times, warm hugs and great sandwiches! We couldn’t have done it without you. Choosing to trust in […]